NEW: #1 Rat Traps - Catch Rodents Fast [Quick & Effective] Trapper Pack by Kraftex [Easy to Use ZERO Contact with Rats] to Protect Children, Pets, Livestock Against Diseases & Pests - Set of 6

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6 Pack of Quick Snap T-rex style Traps

We include 6 traps in our value pack. Which is enough for most common household rat problems. Quick and easy to set up you can start getting rid of those annoying pests right away.
Kraftex Rat and Mouse Traps are made from durable plastic and are designed to take out even the biggest of rats.
The very sensitive trigger snaps at the slightest touch and will make sure the rat is quickly killed, leaving it ready for simple, no touch disposal. Simply depress the back of the trap and release the rat - there is no need to touch at all.
Our traps are simple to bait and set without any risk to your fingers unlike a lot of common wooden or metal rat / mouse traps these traps will not snap shut on hands when setting.
You've heard enough of us talking about our traps, why don't you give them a try yourself and say goodbye to your pest problem as soon as tomorrow with Amazon Prime.
Please note that these traps are sized to catch rats - as rats are typically much larger than mice the traps are unlikely to be trigger by smaller mice so are not recommended for catching mice.

Product Features

STOP DISEASE SPREAD - It's a well known fact rats spread diseases quickly - a group of rats is called a mischief, after all! Get control over contamination in your home by using our mega power spring snap traps - guaranteed to kill instantly each and every time. It's the smart way to protect yourself, your children and your pets against rats. QUICK SNAP, PROBLEM SOLVED - with super-trigger sensitivity, our traps ensure rats won't suffer when they're caught. Spring traps are proven by experts to be the most humane traps for killing rats - unlike poor quality wooden or glue traps that can kill cruelly. At Kraftex we can guarantee that the first snap will be the last. Buying from us means buying with confidence SPEEDY. SAFE. SANITARY - Made with durable, stain and odor-resistant plastic, Kraftex traps are reusable and reliable. You'll have no direct contact with rodents using these hygienic traps. They're designed to be an investment - rather than wasting your money on cheap, difficult to clean wooden traps. EASY TO SET & BAIT - Enjoy the easy-bait design of our traps to set with confidence. Just a flick of the wrist and the bait is in - ready to tempt your unwanted pests! We've designed our traps to ensure total safety for your fingers - including colored pressure plates that make baiting even easier. You can place our traps in difficult to reach spaces - such as lofts, small alcoves, or on top of fences - for maximum effect. MAX EFFECT MULTIPACK - is your rat problem getting out of hand fast? You'll need multiple traps. Rats breed quickly and a multi-trap offensive is the only way to keep things in control. Our set of six traps can help eliminate the alpha and beta rats on your property in one go. It's the best long-term solution to protecting yourself inside and outside of your home- job done.

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